Lend Your Voice to Constitutional History: Tweet the 1787 Constitutional Convention Debates!

Aside from human memory and the oral passing down of information from generation to generation, histories based upon primary sources are really the only way the current generation can hope to understand what happened in the past. Thanks to projects like ConSource, the current generation has free access to our shared constitutional history. Like ConSource, Tweet the Debates shares a passionate commitment to connecting American citizens to our nation’s history.

ConSource provided an important first step toward democratizing access to historical materials — namely, by creating a free digital library of constitutional source materials and connecting those documents to particular provisions in the U.S. Constitution through their hugely popular “Constitutional Index.”

Tweet the Debates was created to take that democratization process one step further, to encourage citizens to actually participate in the 1787 convention debates that led to the formation of our government.  Tweet the Debates is using Twitter to recreate the daily debates of the Constitutional Convention. Our hope is to enliven the past by bringing the Founding to life through social media and crowd-sourced commentary.

Citizens of all walks of life are encouraged to participate. To date, we have recruited a talented group of historians, lawyers, stand-up comics, and even gifted students to take on the role of a particular Framer for the duration of the months long Constitutional Convention debates. Each citizen who agrees to participate will adapt each day of the debates to the ever-so-popular and easily consumed 140 character tweet and make our constitutional history something that people want to share.

In addition to helping people learn about our history and our law, Tweet the Debates can help people learn one of the most valuable lessons of the Convention – that people with vastly different values and beliefs can work together and compromise in order to create a government that works and lasts.

With your participation, Tweet the Debates will inspire American citizens to reconnect with their shared past, and work together toward a common goal for the sake of our glorious nation. Visit www.tweetthedebates.com and follow @tweetthedebates to find out how you can lend your voice to the Constitutional Convention! The debates kick off on May 25, just as they did in 1787, so visit us soon and let us know if you’d like to participate!

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